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​​F  O  R  E  N  S  I  C     M  Y  S  T  E  R  Y     T  H  R  I  L  L  E  R  S


On a hot summer night in Tampa, Jack Burcher climbed out his bedroom window to lay in the wildflower field and watch the stars. This night was very different. He witnessed his mother's abduction. With the police and FBI by the phone waiting for the ransom call, on the next night Jack sneaked out of his bedroom again. Afraid and confused, he had to return to his special place. To his surprise the sinister visitor stood in the shadows and night fog by the gates. He left a box. Only Jack's mother's heart is returned to the family.

Thirty-three years later someone takes his dying father out of a high-security sanitorium. The next night another box is delivered to the gates of the Burcher estate. Inside is his father's brain. But this time is different. Jack Burcher is the Chief Medical Examiner for Hillsborough County.

The FBI knows they are hunting the worst kind of serial killer. Now they must investigate three generations of Burcher family deaths to find where the killing trail begins. And they must talk to their only eyewitness, the ten-year-old boy with suppressed fears and pent-up rage. Time is running out. Dr. Jack Burcher is in the killer's sights.


When Lindsey Fetter opened her eyes, the monster that killed her husband stood at the end or her bed. When Charlie Dunn pocketed his cell phone and stared at the empty ice on Lake Michigan, he could not believe they released from prison the monster that killed his wife and son in front of him... When Ellen Dumont visited her parents gravesite alone, it never occurred to her it would be her last moment on earth...

450 murders is a slow year for Chicago Homicide Detective Aaron Wolfe, but he carries them all with him. He had learned how to bury the pain and anger so he could hunt the killers. But now rising crimson tide and failing legal system had become more than he could bear. Too many innocent victims, and too many killers escape the broken legal system. 

Then it happened. The worst of the worst that beat the system were taken out by snipers, and the snipers skulls were crushed by a monster. Wolfe knew two evil factions were engaged in a dark war in his city.  Can Wolfe uncover the secret force on a reckless mission to remedy a failing criminal justice system? Can he stop the skull-crushing beast terrorizing the city? Or will Wolfe succumb to his scars and let a new kind of justice into the city of predators?



The President of the United States is awakened by the two words he prayed he would never hear. Can world-renowned forensic sleuth Elliott Sumner follow an international blood trail and help the POTUS avert World War III?

A veiled invader commandeers a U.S. nuclear missile silo in North Dakota and threatens to launch a Minuteman III ICBM. To avoid a nuclear war the President's only option is containment. A strike on our own Minot nuclear arsenal will neutralize the enemy but decimate most of the Great Plains and a major portion of central Canada at a cost of millions of civilian lives.

Only the world-renowned forensic sleuth Dr. Elliott Sumner has a chance to untangle a macabre blood trail that could possibly identify the invaders and give the President time and more options. Can Elliott solve a grisly international puzzle or is a nuclear Armageddon the only possible outcome for an unimagineable TERMINAL BREACH?


S T E V E   B R A D S H A W

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​​The hunt for a genius serial killer turns into an epic battle for control of the greatest evolutionary leap for mankind. A family of great privilege harbors an unimaginable secret that turns into an international nightmare. Dr. Elliott Sumner struggles to rectify his abandoned beginnings and profound genetic gifts. Forty years later the paths of the world-renowned forensic sleuth and a genius serial killer cross. They soon discover they carry a secret to life people kill for. Can Elliott stop a monster psychopath and foil a hundred-year-old sinister plan to take over the greatest genetic leap of mankind? Or will the immortality gene be controlled by the few? Or even worse, will the secret to immortality be lost forever?


Classified U.S. government paranormal research and an inconceivable bid for global dominance become an electrifying struggle between world powers and one man.

In 1970 the U.S. Government launched research into psychic-weaponry. They engaged and developed remote viewers. By 1995 the secret program is suddenly closed and declassified by the CIA. Some believe they took it underground. Decades later, when bizarre brain lesions are the only link in a string of murders, covert government operatives mysteriously arrive on the scene. Did they come to help? Or did they come to contain a problem so they can keep a top-secret program on track?

Memphis Homicide Detective Tony Wilcox knows he must find Hunter Keller before the Feds. Keller is the only eyewitness to the unsolved murders. When Wilcox and Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Victory Petty uncover the shocking deception, they make it their mission to stop the horrific threat.

Can Wilcox and Petty circumvent the Feds and find Hunter Keller in time? Does Keller carry the secret to stopping the killing and containing the threat? Or, will a new weapon of mass destruction be unleashed upon the world?

Steve Bradshaw